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Riding in difficult, rocky terrain, my buddy's 1970 Suzuki 250 conks out. Fuel is ok, but no spark from coil. Old-style magneto ignition with points and condensor behind crankshaft mounted flywheel. Looking through small slot in flywheel, I can see that the spring metal band that acts as a return spring to close the points is broken, the points just flapping around. With no spare points or flywheel puller, and at least 5 miles from a road, we weigh our options. Too rocky to tow out with a bike or 4X4. Finally figure that we will have to find a hiding place for the bike, come back the next day with parts & tools - three hours round trip from home. Just before dragging the bike off the trail, I decide to look in the tool kit under my seat for any possible tool or part to Macgyver a fix. I notice my seat cusion foam, and the lightbulb goes on. Take a small piece of the foam and jam it between the arm of the points and the condensor - voila, enough "spring" tension to make the points close ok up to about 2200 RPM - just enough to get back to the road under power.
I just love it when a plan comes together.
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