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Originally Posted by Haasenpfeffer
If you find yourself in the akward place of your keys being inside your car and you on the outside while the doors are locked.

If you have an extra car remote at home (and someone there to call). Give them a call with your cell phone and have them press the remote into the receiver while you hold the phone towards the car. The signal will unlock the car door.

Trust me, it works. I have helped many people out of a jam this way.
I have never been able to make this work in a test. Nor have any of my budds been able to make it work in a common test at biker breakfast. My inclination is to call a HUGE BS on this. However, if anyone else can supprt this and post a repeatable (by me) description of how to make this work, I will post my apologies. One of the cages that we tried this on had the remote 400 yards in clear line of sight from the cage before it quit opening the locks. At that point, the cell phones were of no help in getting the doors unlocked. The remote uses a radio signal to activate the locks. This radio signal is not picked up/transmited by cell phone tech. My experiments were conducted apprx 2 winters ago when some bikers were bringing their cages to breakfast. I want the year, make and model of the cage that this works on. Rumor has it that an Onstar equiped cage can get it opened by calling Onstar and going thru a security tree.
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