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Garmin Zumo 660

Hi chaps. A few days ago Garmin kindly sent me a Zumo 660 as a replacement for a 550 that I had been having a whole load of trouble with. It seems to be prettty good but I feel it is too clever for it's own good. The main problem I am having is with a feature that I don't think the 550 had, because I never saw mine doing it.

When I am walloping along the open road, the display "zooms out" to show a bigger piece of the map. As it does this, it stops displaying back roads and concentrates on the road that I am traveling down. No problem, a rather nice feature I thought. Then when I slow down to about 40mph it "Zooms in" again and shows back roads and junctions more clearly.

This is all very well until I start travelling down a back road and hit 60mph and hey presto! The road disappears.
I have poked and prodded, looked through menus and ticked and unticked boxes but cannot for the life of me figure out if this feature can be turned off.

I have only tried it in the two days I have had it, in 3d mode. Maybe with a north or track up poi it may work b ut that is not the point.

Anybody have the same problem? Any solutions, other than slowing down on the backroads?
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