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Originally Posted by FPGT72
So true, I am converting a .50 glow plane to electric.

Many people have different ideas on the glow vs. electric debate, but for me there it no point to run glow any longer.
I remember back when I was getting into planes and heli's, only the electric planes were I think it was by Airtronics. Brushed motors were still 360 size so they were anchors. Batteries were still Nicad's which were heavy as well since most were only 1300mah at best. Now batteries are over 2000 mah and with li-po's they are very compact, although a bit more brittle and explosive.

It seems most planes have moved away from balsa and Ultracote and are now foam, plastic and/or fiberglass.

To get into heli's you were stuck with glow. The smallest ones were .30ci which meant you had to have a heli that was around 4ft long. Now you can get heli's that are electric and have full collective that are only a few inches long. Then there is cost. You couldn't get into a heli for less then $1000. Now you can get started for under $100 (fixed-collective not co-axle)

Then there are turbines. These were only starting out when I got started as well. Most 'jets' were glow powered duct fans or pusher prop'ed. The turbines are $$$ but sound awesome.

Getting back to glow vs. electrics. The fuel hasn't changed much and you're paying $40-50/gal which isn't cheap. Depending on the battery packs, you could get a few for that price. You don't have to deal with getting fuel all over everything either. Not to mention the mess it makes as it's vaporized and exits as exhaust then recondenses.

One other advance in the industry, RC Simulators. I think this is a huge step forward. No more having to go at it with books and a fat wallet.
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