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Originally Posted by EvilGenius
Well I finished my first semester of A&P school.

Three classes ending with one A and two Bs. I was just barely short of As on the two other classes. I think I couldve done better but not too shabby for no time spent studying.

Got summer classes coming up in two weeks. Assembly & Rigging, Sheetmetal Fab. and Aircraft Welding. I'm pretty exciting about the welding since it's always something I've wanted to do.

Nothing but fun so far!
Congrats on the success!

I got my A&P in June of 1985, used it for two years and then got out of the business. I've recently bought some study guides (cripes, I've forgotten a lot of stuff!) and I'm planning to get back in. Neither one of us will get rich doing this kind of work, but it sure is a fun job.
I hope to go to work at a facility in Northern California that modifies and maintains fire fighting aircraft. Lotsa overtime in the Summer and the possibility of field work are pretty appealing to me.

Good luck on the Summer school and let us know how you do.
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