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Originally Posted by ibafran
I have never been able to make this work in a test. Nor have any of my budds been able to make it work in a common test at biker breakfast.
Not calling anyone a liar, but.... I'm pretty sure they tackled this on on mythbusters. Didn't work for them. When I heard about it I had to try it. I can say 100% for sure it doesn't work with a 2007 F150, 2008 Dodge Caliber, a 2005 Chrysler 300 or Chrysler Pacifica or a Mazda 6 I don't know the year of. When conducting my test, I worked at a dealer that sells Harley and Honda. I can also promise it doesnt work for the Key fob to disable the Harley security system. Nor will the one to pop the trunk on a Goldwing work.

Not sceintific testing I know, but it's what I had available. Oh BTW, also won't work for opening any garage door I've tried.
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