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Originally Posted by wxwax
I've stood close to where that guy stood.

Some kind of rudder problem? What else would make it steer like that?
The Beaver started a "step turn" to keep aligned with the curved water way and it looks like he tried to horse it off the water before it was ready to fly. A floatplane is held on the step until it lifts off the water. Applying back pressure in an attempt to get off quicker results in the heals of the floats contacting the water and creating drag and just extending the takeoff run. He could of tried "rolling" the port float thus getting the starboard float out of the water to lessen drag. Thats a common trick with floatplanes. He just did not have enough flying speed to maneuver when he finally got off the water and hit the chain link fence with a float. If you watch a Beaver on floats take off you will notice they get off and continue to climb in a level attitude.

The Beaver is a marvelous plane on floats, but you can't ask it to do the impossible. It would be helpful to know what the temperature and winds were that day and what kind of load the plane had. I would not believe rudder problems as an excuse. I'm glad no one was badly injured. Its quite probable that plane will be rebuilt to better than new condition. They don't make them anymore and they are still the best bush plane for commercial operators.
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