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Originally Posted by PRW
Right - but that lowest common denominator class of users will not provide bread and butter to Garmin for much longer, as that lowest common denominator of features/functionality will be included in virtually every new phone device and/or every new car that gets released from here on. Soccer moms won't want/need nuvis for long, once they learn how to use that basic GPS functionality on their phones.
I don't think it's quite that simple. Despite what Apple wants you to think, most people do not have an iPhone. Also, the screen size alone is probably the biggest differentiating factor. While having a fully-featured navigational system in your smartphone is a neat idea, I don't think it's a feature that most people will take advantage of.

Point being: IMO, Garmin's future as a GPS device producer MUST re-think this "mass-market" strategy - raise the bar and cater to more specialized users - or they will die...
They started out in the specialized market, realized the auto market was much more lucrative and the rest is history... As much as I'd like to believe it, I can't see them going back to their roots. In fact, quite the opposite, they might just cut it off entirely.
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