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Originally Posted by Albie
...My 478 is a basically a pile of shit. I'm on the third one since I bought the thing 3 years ago. The last replacement the battery stopped holding a charge after 3 months...
Wow - my 478 is rock solid - I absolutely love it, though I wish they would update the old 12-channel radio with the newer higher sensitivity radio and maybe a larger screen while they're at it. Wait - that sounds like a 640! Nah - never mind, the brilliant product marketing fools took the tracks and XM Weather away in Automotive mode on that one...

Regarding your 478 battery problem, there has been an ongoing firmware issue with the battery charge indicator, which often shows less than a full charge, even when it is actually fully charged. I frankly don't understand why the problem is so difficult to fix - they've released 2-3 firmware updates all of which were supposedly resolving the issue, but none of them have worked successfully. I just let it run out on battery once/month or so to clear the battery memory - then charge it up again fully and everything reads good for a while. So was your battery problem actually a bad battery or could it have been this known issue?
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