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Okay so we have a center of gravity that is really influnced on a sidecar rig by driver and passnger. It (The CoG )can also be moved around by body english of the driver and passenger.
Wider track widths will create more stability as would a lower CoG.
I think all of these are pretty much 'givens'.
The thread began with info on sidecar wheel lead. I think tip ovcer lines were mentioned also.
We have writen about rigs with swingarm suspensions and it was stated that the Roll Centers on them will remain at ground level.
So with this being said what do we have to work with?
Suspensions on all wheels, rake a trail and it effects in cornering apart from just steering, front end designs (teles, leading links, center hubs), swingarm lengths, swingarm orientation on sidecar (front or rear pivot) and of course antiswaybars.
Of course there are rigs with a frame type suspensions on the sidecar and even on the rear of the bike which can open up more discussion when and if we wish to get into it.
Where do we go from here ?

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