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Originally Posted by (sp?)
Today was Husaberg project day.

I finally wired in an ignition switch. For those of you who don't know, the Husaberg is a race bike. As such it lacks things like an ignition switch and steering lock. I sourced the switch from Suzuki - the 2004 DRZ400 has a great ignition switch. It's 3 position: OFF, ON, PARK, with 2 circuits.
I was thinking of putting one or two hidden switches (possibly keyed) somewhere on the bike so that it wouldn't be so easy to start and ride off. But I don't think that would make it that much harder to steal. It is such a light bike that someone could just walk up and walk off with it, pushing it down the street until they could find a place to hotwire it or put it in a van/truck. So for now I have a heavy cable lock on it, which is better than a steering head lock which is super easy to defeat on almost any bike. I am thinking about something more compact that would lock up the bike when I park it while riding.

The thing about my Ducati is that you cannot get it running without the key without replacing both the ignition/FI module and the dash unit, both of which add up to several thousand dollars IIRC, and are not easy to come by (although I think there may be some third party ignition/FI units now). Either way, both bikes are fully insured.
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