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For your entertainment....

While my tug and tub is in Dauntless stable till the 26th of June. We have gone to see Seattle and it's surroundings, courtesy of inmate Mikepa.

Bulgogi Junghoi; Goyzd; Bulgogi Dupbop; or Bibimbop...anyone??

Uwajimaya is an Asian specialty supermarket providing the widest variety of Asian delicacies.

Sushi to go..

Sushi eaters.....

Our lunches...

Our gas mileage is going to suffer .....???

One of the biggest clams we have ever seen...bigger than my ummmm....??

Whenever you order a Sushi dish you notice the green paste on the plate side, it's a paste called Wasabi. You slab it on your food giving you some enhanced pungent kick. Been told that 99.9% of the Wasabi they put on the plate is a green dyed horseradish product from Germany. The real thing is from Japan which most restaurants cannot afford thus the Deutsches Wasabi.

Look at the price per pound for the real thing....

Stopped by at Touratech, the venerable Motorcycle Adventure store...

Also met Helge Pedersen of Globe riders.

GlobeRiders® is a diversified motorcycle adventure touring and multi-media company founded by him, headquartered in Seattle, Washington. In the elite community of today’s global explorers, Helge stands at the pinnacle of achievement, having journeyed throughout the world for over ten years on his trusted BMW R80GS. Since this initial trek around the world, Helge has continued traveling on two wheels, visiting over 100 countries and covering more miles than he can count. That journey continues today.

Author, Helge Pedersen, Sharon, and Mike Paull, another Globerider partner, guide and webmeister assisting Helge and his team.

Dauntless Motors...

Here we're at Dauntless. This building used to be a cow barn.

Bike's been totally stripped of all gear.

Meeting of the minds...

Dough the Paull....

Ground engineering discussion....

Jay's cow stable show room. Note Mike Paull's Ueberhack #2 being serviced there. It just came back from Tierra del Fuego.

This picture was taken at another BMW store in Takoma. This is going to be my next sidecar.

Or I hang up my bike in a straw basket????

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