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Articles are NOT posted in this thread. This thread is for LINKS only

All Links have to be from the ADV database. In other words if there is a dedicated thread for anything Wee Strom here on ADV, drop me a PM with the LINK. If it fits I'll include it. If I'm not sure I will post a comment in this thread asking for others opinions and once I have recieved some others thougts via PM please, I'll nuke my post and add the link if others think it's appropriate (more than just the person who suggested the link obviously . I don't OWN this list, I'm only it's Guardian and I will & have asked for opinions & Advice from everyone

Anyone who wants to copy and paste a write up from another site is free to do so as long as it's in it's OWN thread, NOT this thread. Give credit to the source of the article, but please no links directly to other forums

We are trying to keep the "chit chat" within this thread to a minimum & that is why I have asked for folks to remove posts that are actually giving "advice" and to post them in the main Beasts section, where they can "chit chat" to their hearts content.

I realize you have removed a cpl of your posts from this thread and for that I say THANK YOU Not everyone has yet to do as asked and I don't have the power to nuke them myself

Originally Posted by rockyrider
i'm confuzzuzled. isn't a v-strom tire review worthy of being a link in the v-strom index? this index doesn't seem to be as broadly informational as the ktm 640 index for example, that is the index i was using to inform my suggestions.
btw, you told me to post the tyre link to the review here.

i've seen many great v-strom informational articles that i'm sure others with v-stroms would like to read and i've made a few suggestions about adding them to the index but they didn't make the cut. could you define what the index is for and what the protocol is for adding articles and exactly what is appropriate. so far i don't get it, but my wife says i'm a bit dense so...

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