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Heil, Herr Backwoods. Guess you should be riding a BMW.

I say we let this one stand. It is a great spot and has already been taken care of. If we introduce a mascot, no need to vote. Don't have the mascot in the tag photo, it is not tagged and this debate, or "no opinion we don't care" discussion can end and we can get back to the game. Just my .02.

Also, whoever gets this tag should pick the mascot. Remember, it needs to be small enough to hide and durable enough to withstand the elements.

Kinda like this:

Originally Posted by backwoodsKLR
I like the mascot idea and had thought about adding one, if I could find something fitting and get the tag so I could introduce it. If we want to add a mascot, that would solve the file photo problem since no one would have photos of the mascot while placing the tag (At least at first)...

I do not mind helping steer the game, but I do not want to be a dictator over it. The more I have thought about it, I think I would tend to side away from canned tags, but it is not very strong either way.

Should we let this one stand and get an official vote / poll started for a permanent solution in the future?
I'll be back....
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