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Highfive goes Dragon Hunting

You ever notice how the best of trips seem to take on a life of their own? Events just occur that you never could have predicted, and shazaam, opportunity is knocking at your door! The only question that remains is whether or not you seize the moment. Well....I'm proud to say, for once in my life I actually heard that knock, opened the door wide, and ran through it.

My oldest son graduated High School this year. And, for various reasons of sorts, he is going to college in Virginia starting this fall. Momma's not totally happy about it....we live in Oklahoma for goodness sakes!

She said to him, "why such a big change"? The boy replied, "In reality Mother, it is barely even a discernible change. I am just an Okie becoming a Hokie. It is but one additional letter, you see."

Hhhhmmm.....that boy is ready for college. Nuff said. So now, I have to take him (way) out there for his Freshman Orientation. Its a long drive. Its gonna last a couple of days. What's dad to do? Sit thru the painful parent orientation? Not a chance! I'm loading up Rē and going riding em them there hills. I've never 'been there and done that' before.

I'm formulating a plan. Why, I'm going Dragon Hunting! My wife says "Do What?" Oh yeah...I'll be chasing some mighty fine Tail, sweety. Needless to say, I had some explaining to do. About the "Tail of the Dragon" at Deals Gap, and all that.

What's Rē? Well....I'm glad you asked. I give you Exhibit 1:

Just my trusty dusty, little blue engine that could. My fuel injected Yamaha WR250R. Lots of folks call it a WRR. But I named mine Rē And it seems to have kind of caught on....globally. But I digress.

The big day came, and I told the boss I was leaving work and don't know when (or if) I'll ever return. That went over about as well as it did when I told the wife the same thing. Use your imagination....

Stuffed Rē in the back of my pickup truck, stuffed my boy up front (would have reversed it....but Rē couldn't seem to suck in enough to get the back door shut. So, she'll just have to get wet if it rains.

Away we went. Before long it looked like this:

Ok...I skipped the Oklahoma portion. That was the "before" part. I've already seen it too much.

Then, later it looked like this:

And much much later it finally started looking like this:

After a grueling 1,100 miles of driving we finally stop near Roanoke, VA so I could get some gas. And I tell you....things are looking promising, real promising...

I figured I'd have a looksee around these Virginia hills for a bit, then get some REAL satisfaction when I scoot back through Tennessee. That was The Plan, anyway. But what happened in Virginia was.....shall we say...."unpredicted". More like WOW² Stay tuned...


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