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As Plans go....they didnt'. My favorite Wingman couldn't make the trip. I'm flying Solo! That has its advantages and its disadvantages, as you'll soon see. Riding the bike Solo is a real FREE feeling. There's no discussing or debating where to go or what next. You just go! Wherever, whenever, into whatever. Its great!

But I need to backup and share what happened in transit from Oklahoma. Knowing I was coming thru Memphis, Malibu Dan invited me to a meet and greet at the famous Corkey's BBQ. Being a new WRR owner, he's had plenty of inspiring questions about this DS stuff. This would be a good time to meet face to face. And since it included good food, well...I had a PLAN!

Dan actually purchased TWO WRR's. We thought one was for spare parts, but I soon learned different. I beat him to Corky's by 7:30 pm, then he & his son coming riding in on their purdy blue twinkies. We have a nice time eating lots of famous ribs.

That's Dan & his son on the left, me & my son on the right. While time stood still, we closed the place down....literally! Now, I point out Exhibit 2 (above): Keys in the hand of Dan's son.

Time to go....but things don't go as planned. While Junior was self-sufficient, Malibu Dan couldn't t seem to find his KEY.

So, the hunt is ON! Every pocket....

Every square inch of parking lot....

And, for some reason....that only Dan can explain....under every bush.

No luck. He's stranded! So now, I've become the Search & Rescue of Memphis, TN. Got to shuttle people back & forth from Corky's to Rancho Malibu to Corky's, and all that. After about another hour, all is well, as Dan actually knew where his SPARE key was. Go figure...

Its so late now, my son & I bid farewell and just decide to keep on driving. Too much adrenaline in the blood from all the excitement to go to bed anyway. So, onward mush....


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