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Alright...alright...I'm getting there. I promise it will be worth the while. Somebody's anyway. Now where was I?

Oh yeah....we leave the gas pump and pick a tiny twisty backroad for the mad dash down to town. Rē starts beeping at me, so I pull over for a looksee. Apparently, she wants to take in this scene for a moment. She thinks she sees a Dragon! I've got proof, here's the photo. Looks like there's several of them hiding down in that valley:

Still jealous of our budding relationship, College Boy wants his turn. Fair enough, since it is Father's Day weekend and I'll be all alone....sort of.

Check out all that smoke. Gee....I could of had a V8! It was everywhere. This must be why they call them the "Smokey Mountains". Ok, I'm slow on some things....just not the trail.

Within mere minutes of arriving in town, I dump College Boy at the campus curb and say "Adios!" Then, pick a basecamp, unload, & gear up even faster than humanly possible. Man, if the Krabill could have only seen Flash Gordon move...

Off I go into the wild green yonder! Just pick a road...any road to nowhere. It didn't matter.

There was lots of this:

And, lots of that:

Plus an absolutely endless amount of these:

Yeah....I can get in to this. Beautifully gorgeous countryside, with immaculate road surfaces, and only one glaring concern: No Traffic! Nope! None! Nada! It kind of got eery feeling. But then I got used to it, and just let her rip! Gadget Boy proud knee dragging on a knobbied up WRR. Believe it GB...


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