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I actually had a Plan to go ride some route that Bluepill suggested. Apparently he had recently been through that area and found this perfect little jewel. So, I'm winding my way Northward when, for one fateful reason or another, I encounter an inquisitive local who feels the need to interrogate me:

Where you from, Stranger? What you doing here? Where you going? You got a Plan? (No joke...he really said it).

I leveled with him, told him about College Boy, and how my real PLAN was to go ride around Deals Gap in TN. His eyes get as big as frozen pizzas! "Why you don't need to go down there. We've got our own Dragon right here in Virginia!"

Now, my eyes draw tight, my palms getting a little sweaty. I'm listening....continue.

Says its "Tuggles Gap". over yonder a good bit (pointing off into the distance). Turn at Pete's, down the white gravel (for a shortcut) to Floyd, follow the creek long way....and find the old cabin. Then, you're good as there.

That's about all I squeezed out of him. But I'd heard enough. Who needs a gps anyway? Sorry BluePill. I'm Dragon Hunting! I've got a new PLAN...

Down & up yonder:

Passing Pete's...or maybe Floyd's? (I know its a No Passing Zone, but the Man said...)

Could be this white gravel?

Maybe even this old cabin?

And happens! I pass through some weird old looking rock frame tunnel around the road and stumble upon this:

Its real..its really REAL! That was the craziest wild goose chase I've ever been on in my life. I had just a few clues where I was going. And 60 something miles later, I found it. And these roads....oh my....these fabulously beautiful roads with no traffic to speak of. Its just insane! Who cares if I don't find it. Its just so worth the never before.


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