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There's a strong sense of danger here. Happens anytime you get near a Dragon's lair. No time for chit chat....I'm straight to the hunt. And just like that, I catch my first glimpse of her tail:

I quietly pull over to the side, careful not to disturbed this sleeping dragon, and watch for any signs of movement. Its eerily quiet. So much so, I just ease Rē into a stealth dead engine roll in neutral. I want a peak around that bend.

She's definitely a dragon with very well defined features. Check out those alternating high bank angles. They get even steeper further down, but no room to pull over for a photo there (because the banks are so steep).

I've seen enough. Time to take her by surprise. Especially since I haven't seen any other hunters, yet!

She's short, but very good. I can't believe I forgot to clock the mileage. Maybe one mile, or two. But Tuggles Gap has some of the highest bank angles I've seen. And the spacing is very close on some. You come out of one turn only to immediately thrust into the opposite angle. It produced a new sensation for me. I'm used to all the flat hairpins and zig-zags. It was very nice to "ride the banks".

I turned around at the bottom and road back up to the top. That direction seemed more fun to me....always does. The vertical angle (top to bottom) is really quite steep. More than any others I've seen.

So, you get high bank curves combined with a steep incline all the way through. Consequently, I'll rate Tuggles Gap "One Thumb Up". Its not a big enough Dragon to be a destination. But if you're anywhere near Floyd, VA, you definitely want to hunt this dragon down.

Here's another shot from the top. I finally got some traffic. It really helps show the bank angles. These were the final turns on top, and not nearly as banked, as the curves in the middle section. Even still....don't they look good?


No photographers....but also, little to no traffic! Which would you rather have?

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