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After returning to the top, I decide to take a much deserved break and get a bite to eat. Noticed some spies had showed up. So, I squeezed Rē in amongst these Harleys. Ain't she purdy!

I ask the nice lady "what's your specialty"? She replies, in very Virginia-esk, "Mexican Food". Looked like a burger & beer joint to me...with hardware and auto parts to boot. Now, being from the Real Southwest, I'm immediately having justifiable doubts about Mexican Food in the Northeast. But, then she closes the deals (she's good) by telling me she makes everything herself from scratch...even the tortillas. A few minutes later, she proudly delivers this fine plate of real tacos:

Como Say Dee-say...."MUY GRANDE MUCHO Bueno Bueno Bueno"....or something like that. It was the real deal. Tuggles Gap just earned another notch on my stick. Its has GREAT food! The kind that makes you want to go there in a bad way!

After the super good (and cheap) lunch, I go slay the Dragon a few more times. Ok, more like 16 times....but who's counting? I do so, because I can. I don't have any plans otherwise. Then, I finally head out to investigate that old cabin a little closer.

Might make a decent campsite (indoors). It didn't. But, I clearly notice the possibly faint impression of an old road going up the hill behind the cabin. Doesn't look used in the last 25 or 50 years (+/-). Suddenly....I've got a feeling. Krabill knows all about "HF feelings". So, I take a run at it. Just bushwhacking through all the overgrowth. Somebody really needs to clean this road up a little (ok...a lot). Its steep! Even steeper than Malibu Dan's bald spot. About a quarter mile up there above the cabin, I pull the reins for a rest on the first, and only, flat spot.

Walked over to the edge for a looksee and WHOA....Ho-Chi-Momma!! It was a sheer drop-off, maybe 200 ft. down!!!

I go have a little sit-down and self-talk session. Hhhmmm.....nobody knows where I am. Nobody has been up this hill in maybe 100 years (+/-). And, did I mention it was steep? This is the point I realize the disadvantage of flying Solo. Such a bummer! I decide to turn around and go back....a wild sliding ride, to say the least. The ground was like 1000 years (+/-) of pure leaf mulch. I purposely DIDN'T take a photo over the side, because I knew somebody would say it didn't look very steep...

I bid farewell to the cabin and set my compass Northward. I hear there is a Bent Mountain up that way, and even some kind of Blue Ridge. Now, I've been in the woods a long time. I've never seen a Blue Ridge before. Sounds like a PLAN.


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