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I know I've said it already, but just have to say it again: Pick ANY road you want in the Virginia mountains and you'll NEVER be disappointed. There were lots of remote intersections like this.

There's 6 or 7 different directions you can go. Its sometimes hard to tell exactly which way the road sign is pointing. But, since I didn't really care, it was nice & easy for me. At this particular intersection, I stopped to admire an Auction Sign...and pondered following that arrow to check out the available Real Estate. Thoughts of moving here permanently are trying to form a plan in my head. I finish a drink from a gatorade bottle and think, what the heck....put it on the ground and give it a spin.

Interesting....the only dirt road of the bunch. Here's a nice shot of what's known as "The Krabill View":

After about 15 miles on this road, Rē starts getting a little fussy. So, we take a Timeout to have a little discussion. The kind about "who's in charge". She's insistent we passed a better option than this current road just back a ways. Ok...ok...we'll go have another peak at it. Don't get your springs all wound up over it.

****Special Timeout Note**** I must apologize and retract a statement. I should never have claimed I was flying Solo. Don't want Rē to get her feelings hurt. She's probably got an Internet connection somewhere amongst all her sophisticated technology.

Of course, she was right. I'll vow to never doubt her again for the duration of this trip. Remember this point. It will become important later when we get to Deals Gap.

Here it is:

This two track ran about 3/4 of a mile and then popped us out of the woods directly across the street from this:

We held a long moment of silence. I wiped a tear from my eye and gave Rē the biggest hug ever! Obviously, we now have a new PLAN. And it went something like this:

For the rest of the day!


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