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Originally Posted by Krabill
Umm . . . HF . . . I hate to be the one to break it to you . . . but those aren't Harely's. I see a couple BMW's and a Honda

Carry on . . .

Pigs....Hogs, same difference. None of them can keep up with Rē.

As you say, let's Carry On:

That Blue Ridge actually looked pretty green to me. But, let's not quibble over details. It was gorgeous. Very secluded. No entries or exit points for miles on end. There weren't many "lookout points" either. That's where you've got to pull over. They've cut away the foliage for you to have a looksee.

I leave the Parkway and play Deal or No Deal, this time. Decide to pick a road based on a Name I like. They really have fabulous street names out here in Virginia. Like Moss Cave Hollow, Rocky Top Rd, and my choice this evening:

Honestly, who could resist this one?

Check out these road surfaces!

I finally quit worry about getting run over, and just parked the bike in the middle of the road for every photo!

I now had a plan to find a campsite. I'm packing extremely minimal for this evening. The bare basics. So, I'm looking for something quasi setup. I soon have a lead from a Campground sign (they are everywhere). It takes me deep into the Backwoods many miles. Just about the time I think I must have missed something a long way back....success:

Someone sure mowed a lot of grass.....just for me. Chopped wood, too!

Look at the size of that fire pit. The grill was equally big.

Nice "facilities" too, even with a fireplace! Suddenly, I'm thinking ADV Rally...

And, there is a wonderful stream flowing directly behind me in those trees. Even wiith steps to go down there:

Most peaceful night of sleep I can remember in long time. Just me, Rē. And the running water. Plus some big bears, I'm sure. But I learned a thing or two about handling bears near my Bivy Sack during my previous excursion.

I'll admit...I am troubled by one thing. Where are the people? Its a Friday night in the summertime....just a week or so ahead of 4th of July celebration. Haven't seen a soul since I turned down Backwoods Lane. Well, they sure do name their roads well.

Enough pavement. Tomorrow, its time to get DIRTY!


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