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Question Summer pants?

So now that temps in Toronto are starting to make their way to the 30s (that's about 90+ for you Yanks ) I'm finding the Factor pants to be a bit, erm, sweaty, in commuter traffic.

I'm considering the Rotors as a low cost and much safer alternative to wearing shorts and flip flops, but reviews of it are quite scant.

Have you guys tried it much in real world situations and how are they performing? In terms of fit are they similar to the Factors or a bit more relaxed?

I would also consider the Mistrals, but there isn't a short version of the Euro size I would take (46), and I'm worried the length would be a bit too long (I'm wearing the S Short in the Factor). Is the 46 Mistral quite comparable to the S Short Factor or is the length noticeably longer?

Thanks for the help!
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