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Originally Posted by SirCrow
Very nice :) don't know if you life there but very nice surroundings also!!
I live very close!

Originally Posted by olec
Hi Johan!

Please don't say you started the movie right in front of your own garage? If so, you're one lucky bastard All those nice roads and it seemed to me you had plenty of choices you could go also. Aren't you bothered with those hikers or people on just a 'walk' ? Down here they are everywhere, and especially in the "tallskogen" where the soil can resist heavy rain and you still can do some running or walking.

I'm jealous...
Kind of "my" garage, started at my fathers place where i do all wrenching. And there are a ton of choices, roads everywhere.

Originally Posted by
Sweden is on nice place to live...i don´t. But have driven there a couple of times. Been North cape.

I envy you Johan.

Send me a message if u are close by any time. A little in advance and ill order home tires of your choice ...u will have to pay for them but ill help out wresling fresh rubbers on.

Originally Posted by olec
Well, North Cape isn't actually in Sweden......
No but fastest way to get up there for people from the south is usually the boring E4.

The road u can see to the left here is the E4

This is right now my favourite piece of road. Its nice and twisty compared with alot of the gravel roads in northern sweden. Can u understand why i love the LC8?

Full quality here:

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