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Kamloops >.......>> Prince George, BC

We're still in British Columbia. It's soooo big...that we still have 1,013 miles to go before hitting Whitehorse, Yukon by either taking the Alaska highway or the Campbell Highway (60% paved/40% gravel) then Canol road. The Cambell highway route would be a good prerequisite before tackling the Dempster or Dalton highway.

Currently we're in Prince George after riding 534 km from Kamloops (Indian translation: "where the 2 rivers meet" rivers from the north and from the east). Temps have been in the 70's around Kamloops and are now hovering in the low 60's in Prince George. The further north we go....bbbrrrrr...! Tomorrow it's supposed to be in the high 50's. On goeth the electric vests, thermals, thick gloves.

I remember when I rode the great white eastern North Loop last year...and being a coffee connoisseur--I always hunted for Starbucks coffee shops. It's my road "beer"

I was told that the great institution that Canada offers to counter St'bucks is the contraption called Tim,

So being here...might as well taste their javas in stride although not much desired>>>>

Believe me Hackers...this rig of mine draws crowds everywhere. It's nice..but often times a pain in the Derriere as I have to start reading lips while my wife is on the WC. Although they all mean well and are curious how this thing works. It is nice meeting peoplefrom all walks of life.

Canada Tire is the equivalent to Pep Boys, Advanced Auto or Auto Zone. Needed another low beam bulb. Used up my previous high beam bulb now the low one. GGrrrr...luckily Canada tire had them. The housing that held the contact prong totally disintegrated in my hands. So just connected the female and male spades together. Presto BMW computer accepted the damn Canadian thing.

On the road to Prince George..via route #97

There was an area where a vast acreage of Pine trees were dead. The area was pretty hot during global warming slowly creeping further north of this line?

Visitors Center built of small redwood beams...absolutley gorgeous...picture does no justice...

We've been riding so long here's some roads for you to see

Cabin Art...

After so many uneventful road trips we're finally seeing what everyone tells me to avoid and hit the gravel roads...

Mikepa's future experimental Hack truck tire...

Cold front beckons in the distance...

Rain clouds....oh nooooooo...

Doned our Wally-Mart shower suits. Got sprinkled then rained a little...nuthin' extraordinary. No pics due to rain...
Something I learned from time you get caught in a rain storm and you're in shelter in a car power wash stall. Prefect overhang waiting for the rains to pass. No problemo as it's raining and no one will wash their cars...whoooooo...cheers

It's on to Dawson Creek tomorrow for the beginning of the AK highway

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