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Mountain Pine Beetle

[quote=Abenteuerfahrer]We're still in British Columbia.
There was an area where a vast acreage of Pine trees were dead. The area was pretty hot
during global warming slowly creeping further north of this line?

................Unfortunately, E&S, what you describe is a tiny part of the devastation to BC's
pine forests by the latest terrible onslaught of the Mountain Pine Beetle.
You will see vast areas of destruction as you travel BC.
Sometimes it seems nearly all the Province's pines are dead or dying. I am particularly upset
about the loss of our magnificent Ponderosa Pines:

(you can see a couple of beetle-killed trees background right).
As a dirt-biker, I have had many wonderful rides through these trees,
they are my all-time favourites.

.....Should the beetle ever take hold on the Colorado Plateau,
it would be a World-class disaster, only EXTREME cold stops the spread.

...........Now, on a lighter note: You didn't enjoy Tim Horton's ??

If Thy Ever Does Owt For Nowt,
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