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Originally Posted by Abenteuerfahrer

I was told that the great institution that Canada offers to counter St'bucks is the contraption called Tim,

So being here...might as well taste their javas in stride although not much desired>>>>

Don't mean to offend our fine brothers and sisters Up North, I have always enjoyed our treks through Canada, but I've learned three things about Tim Horton's from the one time we tried one:

- It really isn't coffee at all, I think, as a member of the Commonwealth, we're still being punished for the Boston Tea Party.

- Remember to ask them to "hold the water" when you order a salad. The chopped lettuce is apparently held in tubs of water laced with sulfites to keep them from browning, we had a good 1/4" (or, I guess that should be 7mm?) of water in the bottom of our salad bowl.

- If you order fries, they may ask "yellow or brown". Silly me, I thought they had a choice on the type of potatoe, but no, they were asking if I wanted yellow or brown "gravy". As near as I can tell, the gravy is that nasty instant canned variety that requires no refrigeration, however, it can be used to lubricate your wheel bearings should you have any further problems with them.

Good Eats (not!).

It just ain't right!

And don't even get me started on "Poutines", as I am a firm believer that French (or American) Fries were created solely for the mass consumption of the food group known as "Ketchup".
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