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Laugh Canadian food ?

..........Mike, I do hope your comments were
tongue-in-cheek, and not meant to be taken

Not that I would want to get into a pissing contest
re quality of fast-food (and coffee!) either side of
the 49th (I'd win!)

If you really are serious, I have to say that
as a "new" Canadian of 40 years standing, I
have never experienced what you have, although
there is good and piss-poor everywhere in the world.
There was, admittedly, a time when Tim Horton's
wasn't up to much,
but they have bought it back from the US chain
(who shall remain nameless)
and it is now just fine. We are, after all talking fast-food
here, not gourmet dining.

As for the gravy on the fries, yes...a quirk of the
North, but I've never been served it
without asking for it (yellow? never).
(..and your picture shows a Pepsi!...Ugh!)

Poutine?......Well they are French!, you have to
make allowances, especially when you've REALLY
eaten-out in Quebec...mmmmm!

(With Apologies for the Hijack)

If Thy Ever Does Owt For Nowt,
Do It For Thysen'

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