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I am way behind on race reports. I have video to edit from the SuMo race. No video for the last local HS as the camera was acting up. I sent it back to the factory and just got it back last week. Not in time for the last GNCC race in Snowshoe WV. He did not make that race anyway. :( He attended the GNCC University riding school they offered before the race. I was worried about him breaking the bike and missing the race. He did, but it was fixable. Unfortunately, he is not as easily fixed.

My 12y/o has been to the ER more times than anyone I know. This was his first actual ambulance ride though.

He was racing through a meadow and hit a rock that was hidden by the tall grass. He pegged it in 4th gear, he and his bike cartwheeled across the meadow.

He hit it hard enough to split the rim.

Luckily, he was wearing his EVS neck brace, a SixSixOne pressure suit, knee braces, etc. He hit his lower back hard enough for the rivets on the pressure suit to leave bruises. So I can only imagine how bad it would have been if he had not been geared up.

The bike got wadded a bit as it tumbled, but nothing I can't fix. Actually, I already fixed most of it as he was hopeful that he would still be able to race on Sunday.

Dr discharged him as just being bruised, but he cannot walk without crutches (4 days later now). I think he dislocated his right hip during his tumble. When he came to, he could not feel his right leg at first and it is very painful to move now. The Doc took Xrays and a CT scan, said no breaks so it must just be bruised. We'll try to get an MRI done this week to see if it shows anything more.

I really appreciate the paramedics being careful, especially since he said he could not feel his leg. But did they really have to cut $600 worth of gear off? I can understand the pants and jersey, no big deal. But the neck brace has the buckles right there in front. How hard is it to unsnap it. They cut the straps right at the buckle, not like it was hidden or anything. EMT Edward Scissorhands, sheesh.
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