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Got my Navigator jacket from Revzilla a few weeks ago. It's the closest thing I've found to the perfect sporty-touring jacket! I tried on a LOT of jackets from every major manufacturer. Only Rev'it gets it right.

Great protection in shoulders and elbows, real armor in a touring jacket. Stock back protector is shameful. The SAS-TEC upgrade is much more in line with the quality of the garment.

Cinch-up straps on arms are useful to give a good fit with various underlayers. Big front pockets have velcro AND zippers. Main zipper is protected from wind with velcro closure, no snaps! I hate snaps on moto-gear.

Not sure if the "upper" outside pockets are really pockets or vents, but they have enough room inside to stash my registration and garage door opener.

Jacket has some real shape, not a big puffy blob like some of the competition.

Could use a little more contrasting colors, but that's a minor thing.

I ditched the liners immediately as I have my own jackets (heated and not) to wear underneath. Wish the liners were sold separately so one could opt-out. Who has time when pulling out the liner on the side of the road to deal with the little snaps and zippers that hold these things in? And when it rains or gets cold, I want to put something OVER my jacket, not take it off to put in the waterproof or windproof liner(s).

I hope the velcro last longer than the stuff on my SOs Angel jacket. It doesn't seem as heavy-duty as the velcro on a Tourmaster, for example.

In any case, this jacket gets very high marks for function, style, protection, and quality. I highly recommend it.
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