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Originally Posted by davorallyfan
Ain't there plenty of car websites on the interweb...

Mods can move this wherever they want, or delete it. I didn't know the world would come crashing down because of one car thread.. and I didn't feel like joining yet another forum.

Originally Posted by 2speed
I strongly recommend keeping the brakes just as they are, and just make sure that they are done properly. They will stop the car just fine for a Sunday drive. The safety of steel from wheel to wheel.
The plan is to keep it as close to original as possible, without being ridiculous. For instance, the show quality spark plugs are like $30 a piece. I think I'll just buy the $2 replacements. I don't plan any "upgrades" or anything. I'll try to keep the original paint and patina on most of it, it'll stay 6 volt, etc..

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