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Originally Posted by Wirespokes
When it hit the ditch and fell on it's side, how much damage was causesd? It's hard to tell, but it looks to be in fairly decent shape - relatively undamaged.
Who knows the extent of how much it was minutely tweaked?

But, of the evidence one can readily see, it appears that it hit on the lower right front, as the bumper mounts are totally fubar. That fender though (going off memory, it's "in storage") doesn't have much damage.

We think we have the expertise "in house" to repair this ourselves. One uncle (former race car driver) told me to just beat it into shape. The other uncle (commercial pilot) thinks I should strip it down and take it to a frame shop.

As seen in a generic-internet-pic of a Tudor 1929 Model A, it looks like the fender's height saved it.

But, the steeting isn't messed up at all, and the running board/mounts are all fine, too. I guess the bumper/mounts did their job!

The rear fender is cracked, and the rear bumper is bent a little bit.


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