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Hi Yoss, superb mate, thanks for taking the time to post & write up the build, you will inspire others to "have a go"

Yossi had read my build thread & Lukas`s, he had mailed me some pics of his bike i forwarded them to all the other DR builders on the forum, and all agreed Yossi has talent & they told me to "convince him" to post his build, and voila

macdesign oops, there i go it just blurted out, macdesign is also building a very trick DR650, im trying to "convince him" also to post a thread see married men with children can find time to play with there toys.

Ive put a link to your build on my own site, i must get round to that other project of mine The DR650 Builders WALL-O-FAME

Cant wait for the next installment Yoss, there will be plenty of popcorn munchers on this thread

Me for one,

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