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I remember when that happened

"Someone tired the Model A to their truck with a rope, and after stealing an old farm scale and a few other things, took off with it. They made it a couple miles down the road before the rope snapped. It crashed into a ditch where it rolled onto its side. As luck would have it, this ditch was in front of my grandmothers brothers house, I believe, and he called to asked the guys where they got the car. They took off and it ended up back at my grandfathers house, or my uncle Dave's house next-door, until present day."

I rode in that car when I was a kid, to Saint Peters with your grandfather. I grew up down the hill from your grandmother's house, and know your mother and uncles. Small world.

Best of luck, getting Bud's 'A' going!
If it ain't steel, it ain't real.
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