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Mezo - Millenium grey, and yep steering limit block on the lower frame head needs to go, upper steering lock - just above the compliance plate (oh is that what that is)... shit i should have grinded that off too - I shoul dhave had a closer look before I painted it. As for the tripples... 1997 KTM 300 EGS tripples, and nah I wiped em down with some Kero bit of WD and hand metal polish with a rag. Glad that they stand out but yours look pretty sweet too.

Distech - sweet man cheers. I think the low clearance won't be an issue. The bearings would have to collapse before the frame rubbed on the lower clamp. BUT, i'll monitor it. If I were to do it again, i'd fit the spacer between the lower clamp and bearing.

Kawidad - cheers mate, the bearing shop couldn't get those specs for me apparently. I also couldnt find them on the web. Unless you go custom, there are no bearings that match the KTM / DR fork conversion. The bearing wholesaler noticed immediately that the taper angle was not correct between the KTM taper and DR race. In disbelief, later I secured both the KTM and DR bearing on a flat surface, put a flat side ruler on a pivot, and eyeballed the angular difference between both bearings - there is a difference .

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