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I put another couple of hours on the Whoosaburger today. I wasn't feeling well Friday or Saturday so I couldn't bring myself to ride those days - which was the right decision because I wore myself out today with just two hours riding. Like I said, I am out of shape and I am using this as an excuse to get out and stop being a couch potato.

Anyway, I had Machias all to myself today. I didn't see or hear anybody else. I imagine they were all off at better places to ride. That's fine - I need to get back into shape to where I can ride for more than a couple of hours and Machias is closest, although limited in area.

A number of things I confirmed:

a) Definitely going to drop down one tooth in the front and try to lower the idle. While I am getting better at riding single track, I really need the bike to go slower downhill and in the tight stuff. I do okay, but I often want to go slower. I do really like the bike - it is very capable and for the most part it is great in the tight stuff which is what I want. Plus, the bike has plenty of gearing for the street - in 6th I am lugging it below about 65 MPH if there is any load, so there is plenty left on the top end.

b) I will say it again, this is a tall bike. I am 6'6" and I can just flat foot it on level ground, but 5 minutes after I took the lousy pic below (I was resting), I got on the bike and put my right foot in a slight depression and down I went with the bike on top of me. THIS is where I am glad I bought a relatively light bike. All else, the power, the handling, whatever, it is weight that will get you down and the less you have the better.

c) The bike gets skittish/busy/front end light above 75 MPH. Not anything scary for an experienced rider, but definitely noticeable.

d) Plenty of power. I have yet to really open the bike up because I have to put another 7 hours on it before I can do that and I am running on the 'standard' setting, so I have yet to experience the 'aggressive' setting which should be interesting.

e) It is really easy to get the rear end light when stopping. It was good I was alone out there because I wasn't paying attention and blew right through a T intersection and went off into the weeds about ten feet. Fortunately there was nothing there but weeds, but it was stupid embarrassing. I had grabbed a lot of rear brake and no front brake - I should have done the opposite - and the rear end was hopping around, even after I felt it and let off the brake.

I still love the transmission - 99% of the time it is very smooth shifting, makes the bike easier to ride. I am getting used to the bike a bit more now and feeling more confident on it. I just have to get back in shape.
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