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On the wheels again

So after many days in Buenos Aires Argentina we've seen most of the highlights. The city has it's charm, but max 4-5 days would have been nicer. The final few days were much better in Dakar Motos where I did some work on the bike and we got a chance to meet other travellers.

Some Buenos Aires point'n'shoot pics (on panoramas click on the picture to enlarge):

A girl and pigeons...

Modern Puerto Madero part of Buenos Aires.

Puente de la Mujer bridge sunset.

Recoleta cemetery.

At the airport they took away our insurance paper, which we found out later at the hotel. So it was additional 2 days waiting (all stuff closed for the weekend) to get a new insurance on Monday. On Tuesday it started to rain+thunder badly (it is spring here) which resulted in one more day of waiting = 12 days of Buenos Aires.

But it was soooo good to be finally on the bike... Till some 200km from BA a copper stopped us and said we had been speeding, 7km/h over limit = 300US dollars fine please sir :eek: . We knew we hadn't speeded, and also the quoted fine was clearly overestimated per local fine standards. So we knew it was a bastid police officer wanting to suck tourists. We used the old recommended method, acting as if we had all day to argue with them (don't try to talk in Spanish, talk in "hazy" English, talk fast, talk a lot...) till they got tired from us (we consumed their precious time to catch other potential payers ;) ), gave back our papers and quickly rode off. jug:

Las Palmas park.

Another palmy road...

We arrived to Puerto Iguazu yesterday to see the falls today and to put our Brazil visa applications in - fingers crossed.
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