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Originally Posted by sixer
She likes the Specialized bikes. It's all really going to come down to what fit her the best. Thanks for the suggestions.

Thanks for the input. She's been eyeing the Myka ever since I said I'd buy her another bike. She asked me if she needed the full-suspension and I wasn't sure what to tell her since I love my rigid MTB. I just want her to be happy.

I'm really going to miss all this amazing single track here in Prescott.
I like hardtails, but that's cause I've never ridden a decent dual squishy bike on trails.

I started riding way back before there was such a thing as suspension. You learned to pick yer lines. DS bikes tend to encourage willy-nilly bash over anything and let the suspension soak it up riding that you just couldn't get away with back then.

I think she'd be happier with an XC type DS bike to take the beating outta riding. Since she's not big, lighter = better. Try last year's Giant Anthems (there's a 14" on ebay) too

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