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Originally Posted by TheNedster
Great thread! I've recently started commuting on an older Raleigh M5000 full-suspension MTB. I did swap out the knobbies for a set of Serfas Drifter city tires (which aren't half bad for light off-road duty, BTW), but I feel like too much of my pedaling effort is being lost to movement of the suspension.

So, I'm going to return my early 90's vintage GT Timberline to duty as a commuter/hybrid. Can't beat that CroMo Triple-Triangle frame!

My dad has used it sparingly over the years, but mostly it has laid in state for the last 10 years. It's been kept indoors, so no worries there. Should I be thinking about getting into the headset and bottom bracket for cleaning and regreasing? Also, the rear derailleur will only shift up. It's a Shimano Exage 500LX with the indexing shifters that have two thumb levers rather than the modern thumb and forefinger setup. I think the shifter itself is broken and they seem to be in short supply on the Interwebs. Could I used something like an Shimano Alivio shifter as a replacement? Just trying to keep the costs to a minimum. Any other suggestions for this little project would be welcome.
I have a pair of XT 7sp shifters if you need em. Not sure what I'd charge ya tho... Not as much as ebay! Cantilever only.

You can get shifters that'll work with yer old stuff from yer LBS, but ya gotta be careful to order the right stuff. Get V-brake compatible stuff and yer gonna be upgrading other things as well.

To try and get started, blast the stuff out of the shifters with Tri-Flow or WD-40. That may free up stuff for a bit, but its temporary.

If yer gonna make this bike into a road-only bike, you're gonna want a smaller cassette and/or bigger chainrings. Mtn sized stuff is gonna mean boat slow on the road.


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