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Originally Posted by Gummee!
I have a pair of XT 7sp shifters if you need em. Not sure what I'd charge ya tho... Not as much as ebay! Cantilever only.

You can get shifters that'll work with yer old stuff from yer LBS, but ya gotta be careful to order the right stuff. Get V-brake compatible stuff and yer gonna be upgrading other things as well.

To try and get started, blast the stuff out of the shifters with Tri-Flow or WD-40. That may free up stuff for a bit, but its temporary.

If yer gonna make this bike into a road-only bike, you're gonna want a smaller cassette and/or bigger chainrings. Mtn sized stuff is gonna mean boat slow on the road.


Thanks Gummee! Yeah, shifters/brake levers are intergrated together, so it's looking like a seperate shifter won't do the trick. I'm definately going to try to clean out the shifter mechaninsim, maybe I'll get lucky. If that doesn't work, I saw a nifty looking singlespeed conversion kit from Nashbar. Gonna talk to the guys at my LBS too, they helped me get the Raleigh back on the road. Thanks for the tip re: the chainrings and cassettes, something for me to remember once I find this elusive thing called "fitness". As slow as it is, this bike can go faster than I'm currently able to pedal it!
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