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Originally Posted by TheNedster
My dad has used it sparingly over the years, but mostly it has laid in state for the last 10 years. It's been kept indoors, so no worries there. Should I be thinking about getting into the headset and bottom bracket for cleaning and regreasing? Also, the rear derailleur will only shift up. It's a Shimano Exage 500LX with the indexing shifters that have two thumb levers rather than the modern thumb and forefinger setup. I think the shifter itself is broken and they seem to be in short supply on the Interwebs. Could I used something like an Shimano Alivio shifter as a replacement? Just trying to keep the costs to a minimum. Any other suggestions for this little project would be welcome.
I've done many a rebuild on supposedly non-rebuildable rapidfire shifters (the thumb and forefinger ones, though). On the thumb and forefinger models there's a little lever on a spring that acts as a ratchet into a rotating disk that prevents it from spinning backwards until the release button pulls it back out of the way. On every old shifter I've ever fixed, the ratchet had stopped rotating freely on its post, which caused it to no longer act as a ratchet effectively. The disk would push it out of the way, but then it wouldn't spring into the next groove. Some careful disassembly and lube always fixes it. A squirt of spray lube and some judicious fiddling would probably work just as well. I'd definitely try to open them up and see if you can't figure out what is wrong with them. Some of the internal parts are inevitably just not designed to come apart, but unless one of those is one of the broken parts, odds are good you'll be able to repair it. They aren't that complicated, internally.
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