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Originally Posted by bobfab
Hey guys,

I have been lurking this thread for a while and finally got the itch to ask the question:

It appears that the target buyer of this bike is looking for a capable offroad street-legal machine of the 250 variety. Im sure you are all pretty familiar with the market offerings & associated costs (WR250r, 250xcw, tc250, etc...). Why did you choose this bike over the WR250r? Do you regret it, was it worth the cost savings?

I know im talking to a biased bunch of enthusiasts here, but what the hell... sell me on it
$1000 price difference is huge for a $5000 bike. I certainly don't regret getting the KLX; I love it.. If I'd paid $6000 for a WR, I'd probably have permanent buyer's remorse knowing I could've gotten a KLX for $1000 less.
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