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Originally Posted by Abenteuerfahrer
So to contemplate: It is indeed very dangerous going solo sans sidecar with a trail-reducer...
Hola Elmer -

Or, having just returned from vacation in Japan, should I say "Ohayo Gozaimasu"?

Thanks for keeping those posts coming. Have been following your travails with UPS (Uncertain Postal Screw-Up apparently). Guess all we can do is sacrifice a goat and burn some incense for you.

When I saw you contemplating a Sidecarectomy, was thinking you had imbibed one too many cups of joe at Tim Horton's, what with your steering modification and all. Good thing Litewait took the point on that "oversight".

Well, to paraphrase Ted Simon, "The interruptions are the adventure". Or, I also once heard, "An adventure is a vacation gone horribly wrong". You've having the best of adventures apparently .

Since the trip reports are on hiatus until your parts arrive, guess I can hijack this thread without bringing the wrath of your most excellent wife upon me, here's some food for thought, our last dinner in Japan, a culinary side trip for you and Koifarm:

Bon Appetit and Good Luck!
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