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Hola Mikepa, welcome back from the Japans...Wow...what a gustatory delight. Did you also chase a near death experience by eating Fugu??

No worries about hijacking this gotta ride, eat, sleep and my case we're stuck in Whitehorse, YT and gotta eat while waiting for UPS to deliver. I am sure that the ADV powers to be will allow us to entertain you's still a Hack ride report!

After we saw your banquet Mikepa, uh..Koifarm which one would you choose? .....aarrgghh


Regarding sidecarrectomy, I was in constant pm contact with Dr. Jim during your absence. He gave this sidecar noob an affirmative "NO" under no circumstances to ride solo sans sidecar with the trail-reducer. Assuming that I knew the exact cause and weakness, he suggested 5 OpSpec rules to adhere to if riding the fixed Tub.

Of course did Litewait give me the same veiled warning.

We're still hoping to chase those Sourtoe Cocktail up north..

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