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Originally Posted by banana
hey i rode the 570 at taskys demo day. great bike. what do you think about making into an adventure touring bike? compared to say lets say the husky 610
IMO, converting it that way would be defeating purpose of the bike - at least if you do what most people do - farkelize it, put racks and panniers on it, put street tires on it, etc.

I bought the bike because it was a light weight dirt bike in the 400 to 600cc displacement range, with good suspension components and an engine/trans that works across a wide range of situations. Stock, it doesn't have anywhere that you can put a rear rack or a pannier rack on it. You would have to get something custom made - starting with a different subframe. You would also need to spend money on different gas tanks.

Not that I am not going to try to have 'adventures' on it, but I am going to try to keep those off-road as much as possible. It is an expensive bike for a dirt bike and it seems (to me) like a waste to put more hours on it on the road than is necessary to get to a nearby off-road riding area. I am seriously thinking of buying something to haul it (and other stuff) to riding areas that are not nearby rather than ride it on the road. I could ride it on the road, but I would wear out the knobbies on pavement when I should be wearing them out on dirt - not to mention the engine.

I may put a Giant Loop bag on it for extended back country trips. But other than that no bags, no GPS, no radar detector, no bluetooth intercom, no iPod, etc.

If you keep to the spirit of the intended purpose of the bike, sure, you could have some great adventures on it.
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