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Originally Posted by CodeMonkee
I may eventually get a GPS to put in a pack, but not to mount on the handlebars.

I've gotten along for the last 40+ years of riding without one. I never get lost, I just temporarily misplace myself.
unlike compasses, having a GPS in the pack does one no good. it's equally as important to know where you've been (tracks) as it is to know where you are (waypoints). it's the blend of waypoints and tracks that allows a GPS to do its magic. getting lost and then turning on your GPS is the equivalent of screaming "I'm here at the top of your lungs". It won't help much when you need it most.

think of it as a survival tool. every time you head into the woods ask yourself: 'am I prepared to spend the night here?' if not, take steps to eliminate that possibility. I'm an amateur radio operator (ham) and often bring a handheld transceiver programmed with local repeater frequencies. if something turns to shit, I (or someone) can get to a location where help can be contacted. having accurate GPS coordinates is really important here.
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