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ok, this was about when the eagles hotel california album came out,we all were camping and riding out of camp ellindale on forest hwy 7 out of elk creek north cal...great time was being had by all except for a dairy farmer friend of mine from orland...he had an old bultaco,proly an early matador ? i dunno it was long ago..any way not anybody that i know dropped their jetting for the alt. 3,ooo+ exspecially the friend with the claped out bul ! it was running richer than a jew in a jewelry store,wouldn't even come close to cleaning out WOT,well it was a 2 day deal and i got idea after remembering i had red loctite in my toolbox....long to short i used i think a paper clip wire to undersize the main-jet with the loctite as a filler,i think i even had the presence of mind to coat the wire with a bit of grease to act as mold release !! next morning after droping the needle as well,re-adjusted low speed screw,man that old bultaco roosted all day like it never had !! i know you may call bullshit on this but,fukit it happened and i'll never forget how happy dude was that the rest of the story of course back at the ranch he never re-jetted and siezed that motor titer than you know what !!
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