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Originally Posted by CodeMonkee
I am going to get a SPOT.

Just because the GPS is a pack doesn't mean it can't track where I have been. But on the Husaberg I am not going to mount it (at least that is what I am thinking at this point in time). Like I've said - I've been out in the woods many times, on foot and in vehicles. I eventually get myself out. Not always the way I planned, but that is half the fun - to me at least.
SPOT is a decent layman's tool. it's a bit expensive and rudimentary for my liking. it does serve a need and I can see why it sells. when I want to be tracked, I use APRS on my 2M radio, e.g.

once you have a license and own the equipment, it's free.

GPS work inside a backpack? maybe.

GPS depends on line of site to the satellite. in northern latitudes (like ours) it is often difficult to get a lock. this problem is exacerbated by tree canopies and mountainous terrain. in other words, your GPS is challenged to get reception on a good day in the PNW. why compound the problem by hiding its antenna inside a backpack?
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