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Originally Posted by (sp?)
unlike compasses, having a GPS in the pack does one no good. it's equally as important to know where you've been (tracks) as it is to know where you are (waypoints). it's the blend of waypoints and tracks that allows a GPS to do its magic. getting lost and then turning on your GPS is the equivalent of screaming "I'm here at the top of your lungs". It won't help much when you need it most..

no sure what model you use, but i run around the bush with my gps in my pack, recording track, just fine. start it recording when i go in, chuck it in my camelback and pretty much forget about it until i get suitably lost :) pull it out and reference where ive come from and make my way back.. im only using garmin software on a nokia phone, known to not be the most sensitive reciever out there..
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