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Originally Posted by V8R
no sure what model you use, but i run around the bush with my gps in my pack, recording track, just fine. start it recording when i go in, chuck it in my camelback and pretty much forget about it until i get suitably lost :) pull it out and reference where ive come from and make my way back.. im only using garmin software on a nokia phone, known to not be the most sensitive reciever out there..
New South Wales is just slightly south of there, isn't it? I've not been there but I'm guessing it's quite a bit less mountainous and quite a bit less forested than the Pacific Northwest. IOW, you missed the point entirely.

As far as sensitivity, your Nokia (and most current handhelds) would likely have the SIRF III chipset inside - one of the more sensitive GPS receivers around. (

Think for a moment why your cellphone has GPS - it's for the authorities to find you in case of emergencies. Having a GPS receiver that can get a position from inside a building is key. Having cell coverage that also can get inside the building makes the system work. There's no cell coverage most places I ride. Compared to rest-of-world, the US is a wasteland when it comes to cellular coverage.
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